21st Feb, 2020

Celebrating birthday of His Majesty the Emperor.

1st Feb, 2020

Did you know that we are exhibiting at FoodEx, taking place 10-13 March 
2020 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan?

Let us personally invite you to visit our stand!

Appearance matters for selection!

The trade visitors vote and select three best looking labels. Here are Japan Wine and Gourmet LABEL AWARDS 2019 RESULT. 

1st July 2019
 - Japanese online journal Wine Kingdom posts Kokkai news. 

香り、味、銘柄、国などと同様、ワインを選ぶ際において、ラベルデザインの魅力も重要な要素です。毎年4月に開催している「ワイン&グルメ」では、出展品の中から登録されたワインボトルを対象に「WGJ ラベル・アワード」を開催! 上位入賞のアイテムを紹介します。See more

14th May 2019 - KOKKAI Wine is selected as the third place at the Label Award at Japan Gourmet 2019!

17-19th April 2019 - Kokkai takes participation in Wine & Gourmet Japan 2019

15th March, 2019 - Kokkai at openning of Japan Georgian Business forum - hel in Tokyo, Japan.